The Prague Guitar Quartet was founded at the Prague Conservatory of Music in 1984, and before long it won the acclaim of audiences both at home and abroad. As a first-class ensemble whose individual members are laureates in international competitions, the Quartet has appeared successfully in numerous music and guitar festivals throughout Europe, USA and the Middle East. During it's thirty years existence the PGQ has made many radio and TV recordings and several CDs.

Reviewers have been unanimous in their praise of the virtuosity of the Quartet's individual members, but above all of their homogeneity of sound, unanimity, attractive and tasteful repertoire, and their musical expressivity. These qualities have prompted outstanding composers including John W. Duarte, Štěpán Rak and Jorge Morel to dedicate works to the Quartet. Another rich source of repertoire is their own arrangements of music of various periods and styles.

The current members of the Prague Guitar Quartet are:

Marek Veleminský

Marek Velemínský

Leader of the Quartet, student of Prof. Jiří Jirmal and Prof. Štěpán Rak, a graduate of the Prague Conservatory (1985) and Academy of Musical Arts (1992), a prize-winner in the competition in Kutná Hora (1984), and finalist in the Radio France competition in Paris (1985).

Matěj Freml

Matěj Freml

Graduate of Musical High School in Prague, student of Václav Kučera (2002), graduate of the Conservatory in Pardubice with Petr Saidl (2004) and one year internship at the Liszt School of Music in Weimar in the class of Prof. Thomas Müller-Pering. In 2009 he completed his master degree at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno under Prof. Martin Mysliveček and doc. Vladislav Bláha and in 2012 he completed there his Ph.D. degree under Prof. Barbara Willi. A prizewinner in many international competitions: Kutná Hora (2000, 2002, 2004), Velbert (2002), Weimar (1999), Erwitte (2008), Beograd (2003, 2004), Rust (2004), Gorizia (2006 a 2008), Koper (2006), Bratislava (2006), Split (2006). Since 2012 he teaches at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno.

Václav Kučera

Václav Kučera

Graduate of the Prague Conservatory (1975), student of Prof. Milan Zelenka, graduate of PhD. degree at the Acadamy of Musical Arts in Bratislava under Prof. Jozef Zsapka (2014), finalist in the Radio France competition in Paris (1974), professor of the guitar at the Musical High School in Prague and at the Prague Conservatory, head of its guitar department.

Patrick Vacík

Patrick Vacík

Student of Václav Kučera at the Prague Conservatory, graduate of the Conservatory in Pardubice (2006), where he was a student of Petr Saidl. Graduate of the "Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt" in Weimar (2010), where he studied with Prof. Thomas Müller-Pering und Ricardo Gallén. Graduate of PhD. degree at the Academy of Musical Arts in Prague under Prof. Štěpán Rak (2015). A prizewinner in many international competitions: Dolní Kubín (2001, 2006), České Budějovice (2001, 2004), Kutná Hora (2002, 2004), Beograd (2004), Rust (2005), Weikersheim (2008), Gorizia (2008) etc. Since 2010 he is a professor at the Prague Conservatory.



Music and guitar festivals:

Prague Spring CZ (1987, 90, 94, 01, 11), Festival Ljubljana SL (1994, 98), Moravian Autumn Brno CZ (2001), Warwick GB (1999), Festival Český Krumlov CZ (1999, 2004, 2013), Yvelines Music Festival F (1993 ), Vienna-Konzerthaus A (2001), Eckelhausener Musiktage D (1993 ), Musiktage Heidenheim D (1994, 96, 97), Wachenheimer Serenade D (1994, 95), Saxon-Bohemian Festival D (2001), Talich's Beroun CZ (2003), Potsdam D (2006), Festival Zlatá Koruna CZ (2006, 09, 12 ), Mielec PL (2002), Czech Culture Festivities CZ (2012), Magical Sounds of Macocha CZ (2001, 07), A. Dvořák's Festival Příbram CZ (2012), Kuressaare EST (2014), Barneveld NL (2014), Culture in the Heart of Prague CZ (2015), Kuwait KWT (2015), Mahler Festival Jihlava CZ (2017), Suk's Musical Štiřín CZ (1997, 2013, 17), Beethoven Festival CZ (2019) etc.

Miami GFA USA (2002), Radio France Paris F (1992), Montelimar F (1992, 2001), Lockenhaus A (1997, 2003), Krakow PL (1988,89), Mikulov CZ (1991, 94, 01, 06), Weimar D (2001), Münster D (2008), Dillington GB (2008, 13, 16, 19), Vilnius LT (2007), Esztergom HU (1997), Nitra SK (1988, 90, 92, 95, 2002, 09), Kutná Hora CZ (1988, 92, 94, 2002), Bratislava SK (87,1990, 98, 11, 18), Krems A (2004), Villeurbanne F (2000), Stockholm SW (1997), Tel Aviv (1995), Budimír SK (1992, 93, 94, 95, 2004), Žory PL (1991, 92, 98, 2008), Lublin PL (1994, 88, 97), Gdansk PL (1989,91), Gliwice PL (2010), Tychy PL (1990), Saint Paul Trois Chateaux F (1995), Goce Delcev BG (1990), Žilina SK (1992), Koscian PL (1993), Schorndorf D (1995), Erlbach D (1996, 2006), Szcecin PL (1999), Przemysl PL (2000), Prague Strings CZ (2004,05), Zruč CZ (2007. 16), Aarhus DK (2009), České Budějovice CZ (2012), Turnov CZ (2012) Modra SK (2014), Aschaffenburg D (2014), Ružomberok SK (2015) etc.


The Prague Guitar Quartet plays on Savarez strings.